What are people saying?

“Jeff has been training both of our kids for over three years. Over time he has established himself as more than their trainer, he has become their mentor. Under his guidance the kids have consistently developed and established themselves as effective players within their respective teams”
"Jeff brings an amazing dynamic to my team practices.  Having worked with him over the past three years, Jeff's tough but fair approach gets results quickly.  Jeff listens and works with how I want to have the team play.  I cannot thank him enough for how he's helped my teams."
"For anyone interested in working with a professional coach that actually cares about the team and how well they do, hire Jeff Prendergast to work with your team.  His open approach tocommunicating with the players and coaches is refreshing and is what every team shouldhave if they want to succeed."
"Jeff is an innovative, hands-on coach with a well-developed understanding of hockey -- both physical and mental.  He is driven to help your team succeed by communicating with you before and after practices to ensure what you need covered is covered. Having Jeff work with your team will give you the advantage over other teams."